Carol Morman is Program Chair, Civil Engineering Technology, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. In addition to serving as Program Chair at Cincinnati State, Carol is also a professor of land surveying courses in the Land Surveying major in Civil Engineering Technologies and is owner and principal engineer and surveyor for CLM Surveying & Engineering. She is a registered land surveyor in Ohio and Indiana and a registered engineer in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Carol is Past Chairman for the UESI Surveying and Geomatics Education Committee, current Vice Chairman for the Surveying and Geomatics Executive Committee, President of the Greenville Treaty Chapter of the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors, and Faculty Advisor to the Cincinnati State ASCE Student Chapter. She earned an AAS in Civil Engineering Technologies - Surveying from Cincinnati State, a BS in Civil Engineering and a BS in Land Surveying from Purdue University, and a MS in Civil Engineering (Geomatics) from California State University - Fresno.

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