Gregory A. Terri of Keller North America received a bachelor of science in civil engineering from Northwestern University and a master of science in geotechnical engineering from the University of Michigan. While pursuing his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Mr. Terri worked in geotechnical consulting and research, and as an engineer for a specialty underground construction design firm preparing earth retention and deep foundation designs and drawings for contractors.

Mr. Terri joined Hayward Baker as a project manager in 2005 in the Roselle, Illinois office. While in the Chicagoland area, Mr. Terri estimated, designed, and managed deep foundation, underpinning, and temporary and permanent earth retention projects, prior to being transferred to Keller’s St. Louis office in 2011. As the Area Manager in St. Louis, Mr. Terri is responsible for oversight and management of structural and ground improvement projects. Due to the geology and geography in the St. Louis area, Mr. Terri and his team are fortunate to have worked on nearly all the techniques Keller has to offer, including compaction, jet, chemical and cement grouting, vibro-replacement and vibro-compaction, wick and earthquake drains, rigid inclusions, soil mixing, ground freezing, jacked and drilled micropiles, driven H-piling, drilled shafts, augercast piles, sheet pile, soldier beam and lagging, internal bracing, soil nailing, temporary and permanent shotcrete and post-tensioned anchors, rock bolting, tangent and secant pile walls, hand-dug underpinning and geotechnical monitoring.