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ASCE offers focused programs and benefits for all government engineers, at the individual and organizational level.

Exclusive programs for government engineers

Who and how we serve

Department of Transportation (DOT) Partners

  • U.S. State Department of Transportation organizations with at least 4 ASCE members
  • DOT employees continue to pay their individual Society dues directly to ASCE but at a 25% off discounted rate
  • Your ASCE members receive all the benefits of ASCE membership and benefits for individual government engineers
  • Receive a 20% discount on ASCE continuing education products
  • No cost for your organization to take part as a DOT Partner
  • DOT Member Organization Partner program description and benefits brochure (PDF)

Government Partner Organizations

  • All non-DOT government organizations with 4 - 49 ASCE members are eligible to participate in our Associate Partner option
  • All non-DOT government organizations with 50 or more ASCE members are eligible to participate in our Partner option
  • Your organizations ASCE members receive all the benefits of ASCE membership
  • Receive up to 40% savings on volume purchases; extended early bird conference rates; discounted publications; and more
  • Enhance your employee benefits package and retain talent
  • Organizations can add and remove employees they are providing ASCE membership for as needed

Individual Government Engineer

  • Any ASCE member employed at a government organization is eligible for exclusive discounts 
  • Actively employed with a government organization that is not in the ASCE Partner program
  • You receive all the benefits of ASCE membership
  • Government Engineers additionally receive a 20% or more discount on registration for ASCE conferences
  • Participate in ASCE programs only for Government Engineers
  • Be nominated for awards exclusive to Government Engineer members

Find out below who our current government agency partners are, as well as additional member benefits.

Ready to enroll as an ASCE Partner, or need more information about our resources for government engineers? Contact us

Government Partners

  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
  • Los Angeles County Sanitation Division
  • The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
  • Port of Long Beach

Government Associate Partners

  • Atlantic County Utilities Authority 
  • City of Bellingham
  • City of Bend
  • City of Carpinteria 
  • City of Doral
  • City of Fort Collins
  • City of Fort Lauderdale Public Works, Engineering
  • City of Gresham
  • City of Lakeland
  • City of Las Cruces
  • City of Las Vegas Public Works Department
  • City of North Miami Beach (Water Department)
  • City of Petaluma
  • City of Rochester, N.Y
  • City of San Angelo
  • City of Tampa
  • City of Waukesha Engineers
  • Lower Colorado River Authority
  • Massachusetts Water Resource Authority
  • Mohawk Valley Water Authority
  • Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
  • Palm Beach County Engineering and Public Works
  • Philadelphia Water Department
  • Pierce County Planning and Public Works 
  • Port of Portland
  • Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC)
  • San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA)
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • Seattle Public Utilities
  • Southwest Florida Water Management District
  • Town of Braintree (Department of Public Works)
  • Tualatin Valley Water District
  • United States Department of Agriculture 

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