ASCE has agreements of cooperation to promote collaboration with 84 engineering organizations in 66 countries around the world.

An Agreement of Cooperation is intended to facilitate the cooperation between the organizations to better serve the public and the civil engineering profession in each country and to explore ways where ASCE and the partner society could collaborate and advance the civil engineering profession globally.

Agreements of Cooperation provide an opportunity for partners to exchange information and ideas with their foreign colleagues through workshops, meetings, and conferences. A wide range of activities are included in the AOC program:

  • Exchange of new technologies and information regarding the engineering profession in general
  • Mutual professional advice, especially in all areas of international, technical and scientific matters
  • Technology advancement through continuing education courses
  • Participation in country-specific subject area conferences and meetings through partnerships between ASCE and its institutes and local societies
  • Encouraging the exchange of publications so that both organizations may establish and maintain copies of technical publications
  • Publishing and exchange of articles, papers, and information in accordance with the agreement specific to each case
  • Opportunities to study and advance research subsequent to natural or man-made disasters which may lead to specific education and technology courses in this area
  • Facilitation of high-level meetings during presidential visits to each country