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  • The Society's specialty institutes provide members with access to technical, educational, and professional resources in specialty areas.

  • AEI Logo ShieldArchitectural Engineering Institute 

    AEI is the place for all professionals in the building industry to examine issues and exchange views and information with one another. The Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) works to facilitate the crucial communication among members of the building team, both on a technical basis and in the professional arena.

    COPRI logoCoasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute 

    The Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI) is a multidisciplinary and international leader in improving the knowledge and practice of civil engineering and other disciplines in the coastal, ocean, port, waterways, and riverine environments.

     CI LogoConstruction Institute 

    The Construction Institute (CI) offers individuals and organizations working in all sectors of the construction industry the opportunity to network with other professionals, sharpen skills, and shape the future of the industry by participating in technical activities, conferences, and the development of internationally recognized standards.

    EMI Logo ShieldEngineering Mechanics Institute 

    The Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) is the premiere organization representing engineering mechanics through the promotion of both research and application of scientific and mathematical principles to address a broad spectrum of existing and emerging engineering and societal problems.

    EWRI LogoEnvironmental & Water Resources Institute 

    The Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) provides for the technical, educational, and professional needs of its members, and strives to lead the integration of public policy and technical expertise into the planning, design, construction, operation, management, and regulation of environmentally sound and sustainable infrastructure.

    GI Logo ShieldGeo-Institute

    The Geo-Institute (G-I) works to advance the geo-engineering community by being responsive to the needs of its membership, ethical behavior, service to the society and providing innovation, technical excellence, and inclusiveness in all of its activities.

    SEI ShieldStructural Engineering Institute

    The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) is dedicated to serving and promoting the worldwide structural engineering profession and related industries by providing a forum for research, education, design, testing, manufacturing, construction, and operations in the structural engineering profession.      

    T&DI logoTransportation & Development Institute

    T&DI offers all professionals with an interest in transportation and development issues the opportunity to network with other professionals, sharpen their technical and professional skills, grow professionally, and shape the future of their profession through conferences, technical guidance, and the creation of standards.  

    UESI-shieldUtility Engineering & Surveying Institute

    UESI offers civil engineering and surveying professionals working within the utility and pipelines engineering and the       surveying communities a recognizable home which they can join to collectively work to improve our profession.