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Technical Areas

  • The Society’s discipline-specific institutes and technical groups bring together volunteers from around the world to advance the profession’s technical, business, and professional expertise. Knowledge, experience, and best practices are shared through conferences, workshops, peer-reviewed journals, books, manuals of practice, seminars, webinars, and consensus standards. 

    The Society’s institutes and technical groups represent the following disciplines and areas of civil engineering.

  • architectural engineering


    Architectural engineering is the integrated, multidisciplinary approach to planning, design, construction and operation of buildings.

    coasts, oceans, ports & rivers


    The knowledge and practice of civil engineering and other disciplines in the coastal, ocean, port, waterways, and riverine environments.   



    Construction engineering is a professional discipline that combines design skills with supervision and management of construction projects. 

    engineering mechanics


    Applying principles of mathematics, science and mechanics to solve engineering problems such as those encountered in civil, mechanical and aeronautical and aerospace engineering.


    environmental & water resources


    The integration of public policy and technical expertise into the planning, design, construction, operation, management, and regulation of environmentally sound and sustainable infrastructure.

    geotechnical engineering


    Applying rock and soil mechanics to investigate subsurface conditions, and design and build foundations, earthworks, and sub-grades. 

    structural engineering


    Structural engineers design buildings, bridges, and non-building structures that protect the health and welfare of the public.


    transportation & development


    Advancing knowledge and practice in all aspects of transportation engineering, urban planning and development.

    Utility Engineering and Surveying

    Utility Engineering and Surveying

    Civil engineering and surveying professionals working within the utility and pipelines engineering and the surveying communities working collectively to improve our profession.