Investing in Resilient Waterfront Infrastructure

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The COPRI Research Fund, administered by the ASCE Foundation, invests in research and development activities to advance the practice of civil engineering in the coasts, oceans, ports, and rivers.

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You can also give by sending a check to:

COPRI Research Fund
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Where your gifts go

Industry and individual donations to the COPRI Research Fund support projects that:

  • directly contribute to advancing quality data and content of COPRI standards and manuals of practice
  • identify and develop industry-driven research concepts and objectives for new COPRI standards and manuals of practice

Your gift will be used immediately to address the following research needs identified by COPRI committees:

  • improved strain limits for seismic loading of waterfront structures supported on steel pipe piles
  • improved vessel loading data for the design of port structures and
  • design for climate-resilient waterfront structures and communities

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