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The American Society of Civil Engineers includes thousands of experts on all facets of civil engineering infrastructure. Many of these experts have bold ideas about the design of future infrastructure projects to accommodate unprecedented challenges facing civilization. Treating and distributing water resources, managing waste discharges, producing energy, and improving resilience to climate change are just a few examples.

The best ideas on infrastructure for the 21st century are being made available in a new ASCE webinar series for engineers around the world. The webinars are intended for a broad audience with a range of backgrounds and experience and will be applicable to academics, practitioners, and owners.

The content relates to four themes within the topic of sustainable infrastructure: (1) mitigation of climate change through de-carbonization, (2) adaptation by improving resilience to the effects of climate change, (3) enabling infrastructure to be “greener” through nature-based design, and (4) improving diversity, equity, and inclusivity using the precepts of social sustainability. The webinars are intended to provide information that can immediately be put to use by practicing engineers.

Once a proposal is submitted, the ASCE Sustainability Technical Committee, the Sustainable Infrastructure Education Working Group, and subject matter experts from the related institute or technical committee will review the proposal and make one of three possible decisions: accept the proposal as is, accept the proposal subject to modification, or turn down the proposal. In the latter two cases, specific reasons are given for requesting the modifications or for denying the proposal. The authors can re-submit after modifying or completely revising the proposal.

Webinars in this series are available at no cost when presented live virtually.  Webinars will be recorded and then offered through ASCE Continuing Education.  The webinar will be bundled with other educational materials. The package will include the option for the purchaser to be tested on the material, and individuals who pass the test are then awarded PDH credits. Institute or committee members who wish to propose a webinar are also expected to suggest the educational materials (must be materials offered by ASCE through the Publication or Continuing Education departments), complete a full proposal form required by ASCE Continuing Education, and submit test questions once their proposal is approved.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a sustainability webinar proposal, Cliff Davidson, Chair of the Sustainable Infrastructure Education (SIE) Working Group and Joel Farrier, Chair of the ASCE Sustainability Technical Committee (STC).

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