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Image is of a large drop of water.

March/April 2024 print issue

• Civil engineers helped shape the art in 'Cities of the Future'
• An aquatic restoration provides a home for spawning salmon
• New wastewater treatment plant will be an energy generator
• Engineers are working to combat sediment buildup in reservoirs
• It takes a lot of water to keep data centers cool
• ASCE 2023 Annual Report: Executive Summary

A man in a blue suit white shirt, and blue tie smiles at the camera.

January/February 2024 print issue

• Civil engineer Paul Lee discusses 'Cities of the Future'
• Engineering building is a hub for collaboration
• Engineers are helping transit agencies electrify their fleets
• WWII anti-aircraft bunker transformed into urban oasis
• Mass timber high-rise lights up the Milwaukee skyline
• Pelješac Bridge marks turning point in Croatia’s history

A large, curved structure with a golden facade is lit up at night.

November/December 2023 print issue

• Atlanta project expands TV and filmmaking facilities.
• Entertainment venue’s adaptability redefines creativity.
• Qatar constructs stunning stadiums for World Cup.
• Nebraska’s new athletic facility is the dawn of a new era.
• The 2023 OCEA Awards highlight engineering's best.

Futuristic city showing high-rise buildings of various shapes with a roadway encircling the cityscape.

September/October 2023 print issue

• A behind-the-scenes look at ASCE’s Cities of the Future
• Smartest building in Chicago is an engineering marvel
• The ins and outs of underwater engineering revealed
• 3D-printed habitat begins its first Martian “mission”
• The road to integrating human and machine intelligence

July/August 2023 print issue

• Historic preservation projects require unique skills
• Skyscraper forerunner undergoes restoration
• Wellesley College saves a core piece of its history
• Dam safety and improvement project tested engineers’ skills

May/June 2023 print issue

• Hiring and retention issues for civil engineering firms
• An uneven slowdown in the AEC industry
• Where the IIJA funding is going
• Legislative wins for ASCE’s Government Relations team
• Best Places for Civil Engineers 2023

March/April 2023 print issue

• Future looks bright for the public transit sector
• Fully digital delivery is on the horizon
• Seismic design shapes new airport terminal
• Improving the ground to expand a rail yard
• ASCE 2022 Annual Report: Executive Summary

Large circular building partially lit sitting on a green hill surrounded by buildings.

January/February 2023 print issue

• Unique elements combine in conference center design
• Venue showcases form, function, and resilience
• Museum sets new standard for digital design
• Tall tower requires a creative structural solution
• Bridge serves as sustainable solution for storm surge

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