Fellow AEI Members and friends,

Thank you for having the confidence in me to serve as President of ASCE’s Architectural Engineering Institute. The upcoming year is rich with wonderful opportunities and possibilities.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Leigh Harrison for his leadership of AEI during a very difficult time. The challenges and uncertainty during the year of COVID-19 demanded a strong leader, and Leigh was ready for the challenge. I have learned many things from Leigh over the last year, and I appreciate his patience and wisdom. Thank you, Leigh, for your service to AEI for many years.

I have been a full-time faculty member at Milwaukee School of Engineering for 16 years. The beginning of my time as AEI President is not unlike beginning a new academic year at MSOE. There’s a sense of excitement in the opportunity to meet people and make a difference in their lives, and there’s also a sense of purpose that comes with the learning that will take place in the coming weeks and months. I often ask an important question of my students on the first day of class, and I’d like to ask you the same question.

What’s your passion?

As one may imagine, the responses I receive are wide and varied. Some students offer their affinity for playing golf or another sport, and as a mediocre golfer I appreciate the effort necessary to improve. Others may discuss music or art, which I also appreciate. Of course, the responses that resonate most with me are those that involve the construction industry and how the students are passionate about learning, growing, sharing and improving.

So, what’s your passion?

Are you passionate about sharing what you’ve learned with others? Then, AEI is the place for you. AEI Conferences and Forums are great places to share your knowledge with others. The “Learn” category within AEI Build Technical Communities is another great place to connect with others and share your wisdom. And as a bonus, you’ll learn many new things and make many new friends at the conference or forum. Have you recently graduated from university and you’re looking for a way to get involved with other professionals beginning their careers? Then, AEI is the place for you. Opportunities exist in the “Emerging Professional’s Council” where you can engage engineers and construction managers in the early stages of their careers. You could also join an AEI local chapter and network with people in your area. Or you could mentor students at a university with an Architectural Engineering or Construction Management program.

Do you have a sense of duty to the community, and you’d like to ensure that the professional licensing process remains relevant and rigorous? Then, AEI is the place for you. AEI is currently looking for professionals with an interest in developing materials related to the Architectural Engineering PE Exam, including developing sample questions for practice examinations and study materials for those preparing to take the exam.

Are you excited about the possibilities of engaging students prior to university, with the hopes of making a meaningful impact in young people’s lives? Then, AEI is the place for you. AEI currently has initiatives being launched that will engage students at all grade levels, regardless of their backgrounds and experiences, with the vision of making Architectural Engineering a welcoming career available to everyone.

As you can see, AEI has opportunities for everyone who is passionate about design and construction of integrated buildings, and I’d like to personally invite you to follow your passion and become involved! How does one become more involved? Here are a few opportunities:

  • The 2022 AEI Forum, hosted by The University of Texas at Arlington is scheduled for April 8, 2022 and will be held virtually. The technical program theme is Mindful Urbanism: Addressing the Impacts of Growth Development and Urbanization in the Building Industry. Registration information will be available in January 2022.
  • The AEI Build Technical Committees continue to mature, and the committees are looking for members and leaders. Are you interested in joining an AEI Build Community? You can enroll online, or if you prefer please contact me and I will be happy to make a connection with the committee that resonates with you.
  • The AEI AE PE committees need help developing materials for the AE PE Exam, particularly from those that have passed the exam over the last few years. If you are interested, please email [email protected] and AEI staff can connect with you regarding this opportunity.

Thank you for your continued support and thank you for all that you do to make AEI successful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time – I’d be very happy to hear from you!

All the best,

Christopher Raebel PortraitChristopher H. Raebel, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.
Professor and Chair
Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management Department
Milwaukee School of Engineering

Email: [email protected]
Direct telephone: 414-277-7302