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COPRI's Technical Committees work to publish important and cutting-edge publications that inform the profession and other disciplines in the coastal, ocean, port, and waterways environments.

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COPRI Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering cover

Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering

Disseminates to the profession engineering and scientific advances made in the COPRI disciplines. The journal is a strong forum for civil engineering disciplines related to ocean, coastal and riverine waters as well as the interaction of these waters and the adjacent built and natural environments. This broad scope makes the Journal an ideal choice for the publication and dissemination of archival contributions dealing with important related topics. Topics include dredging, floods, sediment transport, tides, wind waves and storm surge, tsunamis, climate change, rising sea level, extreme weather events and other hazards that affect shorelines, waterways, estuaries, and ports and harbors, as well as efforts to mitigate the impact of such hazards.

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Come join the discussion about ASCE Standards! The Peer-to-Peer Standards Exchange is a new ASCE Collaborate forum to discuss technical issues about ASCE standards. Dive into your technical area with questions and issues with your community. Members can ask and answer questions. Nonmembers will have view-only capability.

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