The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Transportation Committee hosted a successful series on Artificial Intelligence Enabled Next Generation Transportation Systems. Chair, Dr. Lili Du, introduced the series which hosted more than six hundred registrants during the three-part miniseries.

The event took place during the first three weeks in November and presented impactful information that brought together the leading experts of AI from researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. The AI in Transportation Committee also provided an opportunity for students to earn a T&DI certificate by submitting an abstract and making a lightning presentation. The committee, and attendees, voted on the most impactful of the abstracts. Ballots determined Qiangqiang Guo from the University of Washington as the winner.

Congratulations, Qiangqiang Guo!

A big congratulations to our second and third place winners as well:

  • Jiaohong Xie, National University of Singapore
  • Jiqian Dong, Purdue University