This page provides information on the composition of the UESI Board of Governors, eligibility requirements, application process and the timeline of the application and election process.

Application for Board of Governors


In accordance with the UESI Bylaws for fiscal year 2024 beginning October 1, 2023, UESI members will elect 2 new Governors and a President-elect to the UESI Board of Governors (BOG). No Division will have more than 4 Board members representing at any given time, per the bylaws below.

BYLAWS EXCERPT Article 5.0 & 5.1


(January 2021)


5.0 Board of Governors. The affairs, activities, and concerns of the Institute shall be under the direction of a Board of Governors. The Board shall manage the affairs for the Institute. The Board has fiduciary, legal and strategic responsibilities, focuses on continuous strategic planning, determines desired outcomes, develops and approves policy imperatives to guide operations, and ensures that the Institute uses these policies to work toward meeting its objective.<

5.1 Composition. The Board shall have eleven (11) voting members, and shall consist of the three (3) elected Officers, six (6) Institute Governors elected by the membership, one (1) Governor who shall be appointed by the Younger Member Engagement Committee, and one (1) Governor who shall be appointed by the Society upon recommendation of the ASCE President. No Institute Division shall have more than four (4) Board members at any given time. Division affiliation is evidenced by committee participation, practice experience, and publication history.

If a Division of the Institute is not represented on the Board, it may send at least one (1) non-voting representative to Board meetings. All eligible travel expenses shall be covered by the Division sending the non-voting representative.