This page provides information on the composition of the UESI Board of Governors, eligibility requirements, application process and the timeline of the application and election process.



In accordance with the UESI Bylaws for fiscal year 2025 beginning October 1, 2024, UESI members will elect 2 new Governors and a President-elect to the UESI Board of Governors (BOG). No Division will have more than 4 Board members representing at any given time, per the bylaws below.


For fiscal year 2025 BOG Candidates from all Divisions (PLD, SGD, UAMD, URMD) will be considered. PLD will be limited to 1 newly elected Governor for the 2025 ballot. 

Candidates must have a current 2024 ASCE or UESI membership and in good standing for a period of at least one (1) year at the time of election.

President-elect Candidates shall be a voting Institute and Society member in good standing and shall have completed one (1) full term of service on the Board, prior to taking office as President-elect and meet all requirements of the UESI Bylaws, Section 6.02

How to run for a UESI-elected position

Initially, contact a UESI Board Member, Division Executive Committee Member, UESI Staff member or send email to [email protected] to express interest before filling out application.

All Candidates should fill out the online application by the deadline of March 1, 2024, which will include:

  • Summary resume
  • List of past volunteer activities to UESI, ASCE, and other professional organizations, highlighting which UESI Divisions you have been active in
  • One-page summary on why you wish to serve and what you want to accomplish
  • Agreement accepting time and financial commitment 


Timeline for 2024 UESI election

  • Mid-January - Call for candidates’ announcements
  • March 1 - Deadline for candidate applications
  • March  - Distribute nominations to Nominations and Elections Committee
  • April  - Nominations and Elections Committee reviews applications, selects, and notifies nominees
  • June 15 - Voting opens 
  • August 14 - Voting closes
  • August 17 - Winners notified