Congratulations to the Cal Poly AEI Student Chapter for winning the 2022 AEI CanStruction Competition!

Project details

  • Title: Bridge Khalifa
  • Theme: Bridging the Gap Between College Students and Their Community
  • Description: The structure is an arching bridge in front of the city skyline over a sea of canned tuna.
  • Dimensions: 9' x 1.5"
  • Materials: cans, rubber bands, wire, clear packing tape
  • Total number of cans collected: 405
  • Donated to: SLO Food Bank
Newspaper cover: The Daily News. Photo of the Bridge Khalifa over a sea of canned tuna. Headline: "Sea monster spotted: Mystery creature photographed near famous can-struction bridge"

Team members

  • Audrey Williams (4th year)
  • Alex Poirier (4th year)
  • Dillon Schneider (4th year)
  • Jay Skaff (4th year)
  • Garret Barker (4th year)
  • Hayle Jones (3rd year)
  • Lilla Vigh (2nd year)
  • Cameron Grant (4th year)
  • Michelle Dennin (4th year)

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