The Hall of Fame Gala recognizes extraordinary papers submitted to previous OTCs. These papers form the core of current practice throughout the world and have had a lasting impact on the profession.

Award winners


  • Paper 6657 (1991): C.T. Kwan and F.J Bruen – Mooring Line Dynamics: Comparison of Time Domain, Frequency Domain, and Quasi-Static Analyses
  • Paper 11885 (2000): E.G. Ward, G.C. Lee, D.L. Botelho, J.W.Turner, F. Dyhrkopp, and R.A. Hall – Consequence – Based Criteria for the Gulf of Mexico: Philosophy and Results
  • Paper 11886 (2000): E.G. Ward, G.C. Lee, R.A. Hall, J.W.Turner, D.L. Botelho, and F. Dyhrkopp – Consequence – Based Criteria for the Gulf of Mexico: Development and Calibration of Criteria
  • Paper 12089 (2000): A.G. Young, C.D. Honganen, A.J. Silva, and W.R. Bryant – Comparison of Geotechnical Properties from Large-Diameter Cores and Borings in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
  • Paper 12090 (2000): G.W. Quiros, R.L. Little, and S. Garmon – A Normalized Soil Parameter Procedure for Evaluating In-Situ Undrained Shear Strength

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