ASCE/COPRI Individual Membership

As an ASCE member, you have the opportunity to join one Institute at no additional cost or add a second Institute for just $30 per year.

Benefits include:


Student Membership

(Free for current students) There are two types of membership available for students - ASCE/COPRI Student Membership and COPRI Student Membership. ASCE student membership comes with additional student benefits (and it's still free). Remember to renew your membership every year while you're still in school!

All ASCE and COPRI Student Members receive invites to participate in student paper or poster competitions and special networking receptions at our events. Students at a participating university are also invited to join a COPRI Student Chapter (or form one at the graduate level).

Exclusive ASCE/COPRI benefits include:

  • Volunteer and build your professional network by joining your local ASCE Student Chapter
  • Access to ASCE Student Resources, like scholarships and awards
  • Access to ASCE Career Connections: land your dream job after graduation
  • Stay informed about COPRI news and events through our monthly newsletter
  • Access to a network of professionals engaged in the sustainable development and protection of coasts, oceans, ports, waterways, and wetlands

ASCE/COPRI Student Membership

COPRI Institute-only Membership

You don't have to be a member of ASCE to join COPRI. COPRI only membership is available for only $85 per year, and perfect for researchers and non-engineers working in one of COPRI's disciplines.

Benefits include:


COPRI Membership Renewal

COPRI Organizational Partnership

Great for businesses, government agencies, and other organizations to make themselves more visible to the technical community of COPRI/ASCE.

Become a COPRI Organizational Partner

COPRI Cooperating Partnership

Collaborate with COPRI and help us promote knowledge, education, practice and policy among our shared communities and the general public.

Become a COPRI Cooperating Partner