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EMI members receive significant discounts on prestigious publications, conferences and seminars.

EMI membership options

ASCE/EMI membership

  • You may also join a second Institute for a nominal fee of $30.00 per year.
  • ASCE membership comes with a complimentary membership in the Institute of your choice.

EMI-only membership

Member dues: $100 per year
  • Be a leader in your profession through participation in EMI Technical Committees.
  • Receive significant discounts on prestigious publications and register at member rates for conferences and seminars.
  • Stay on top of modern developments in the field at EMI conferences.

ASCE/EMI student membership

  • ASCE membership is free for students.
  • ASCE membership includes one complimentary institute membership; please select EMI as your primary institute.

"Established engineering principles coupled with new technology has already changed what we can discover about the world around us and how we can make it better. By engaging with ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute I have the opportunity learn about, present and discuss the developments that will build the future of our profession and the world around us."

Elisabeth Malsch, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE
EMI Board Member

"The Engineering Mechanics Institute has provided the entire Mechanics community with a tremendous platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge and networking with peers, to advance the field into areas of future challenges. I feel privileged to be associated with EMI as a participating member, and a past-member of the Board of Governors. It has truly enriched my academic and professional experience."

Dr. Somnath Ghosh, Ph.D., F.EMI, M.ASCE
Past EMI Board Member
Portrait of Yang Wang

"As a devoted EMI member for well over a decade, I have always been impressed by the depth and breadth of technical activities seen at EMI conferences. What’s more, EMI committees are teemed with young researchers and practitioners, providing the most energetic environment to exchange new ideas."

Yang Wang, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE
EMI Technical Committee Chair

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