The Pipelines Division is issuing an Expression of Interest from candidates for a position on the Pipeline Division Executive Committee (EXCOM). This position requires a 5-year commitment of leading and participating including progressive roles on the EXCOM, attending monthly EXCOM meetings, liaising with a Pipelines Technical Committee, co-chairing a Pipelines Conference, and contributing to the development and growth of the Division within the Utility Engineering and Survey Institute of ASCE.

An ideal candidate will have over 15 years of experience in the Pipelines industry and will have familiarity with the Pipelines Division through contributions and participation in a variety of Pipelines Division activities including Technical Committees; or as Pipelines Conference technical co-chairs, track chairs, or moderators. Applicants must be members in good standing with ASCE for at least 5 years, including UESI members in good standing for at least 2 years.

The composition of the EXCOM will have a balanced representation from the following industry sectors:

  1. Utility Owner/Municipality;
  2. Engineering Consulting/Academia; and
  3. Contracting Services/Manufacturer/Product Supplier.

At all times, the EXCOM composition will include at least one and not more than two representatives of each of the above industry sectors. New members will be selected to maintain balanced representation across these industry sectors. For 2022, we are looking for a Candidate to represent the Utility Owner/Municipality sectors.

Candidates who wish to be considered will submit expressions of interest consisting of a cover letter and recent CV; outlining experience and participation in the pipelines industry, technical societies, not for profit organizations, and involvement in ASCE activities and initiatives. The successful candidate will assume their position on the EXCOM in October 2022.

Send your materials by August 4 to [email protected]