The inaugural UESI Pipelines Student Competition took place in Indianapolis on August 1-2, during the Pipelines 2022 Conference.  One team, Josue Elizando and Tyler Moulton, developed repair/rehabilitation recommendations for a gravity sanitary sewer line. The students reviewed CCTV footage, performed NASSCO coding, visited five vendors in the exhibit hall, and presented their findings to a review committee. The students did an excellent job on the technical and communicative aspects of this project.

The Younger Member Engagement Committee (YMEC) looks to build on this success with a larger competition next year at the UESI Pipelines 2023 Conference in San Antonio. If you would like to be a part of the student competition group within the YMEC, please reach out to Jarred Jones, [email protected], for more information. Special thanks to SAK, Sunbelt, GeoTree, Miller Pipeline, HTS, NASSCO, and all those who helped create this special event.