What is your water-resources focus? What do you want to learn more about in the application of new science to engineering and design? Do you want to help craft the next-generation guidance in your field? The EWRI Stormwater-related technical committees want to hear from you! Technical task committees are groups of people with an interest in a topic who want to help advance the profession. Outcomes include new guidance documents, manuals of practices and standards, webinars, and/or short videos. Join your fellow professionals in helping guide the stormwater field forward!

ASLA/EWRI Committee On Plants And Soils Performance In Green

Desalination and Water Reuse Committee

Development Of Guidelines On Concentrate Management In Inland Desalination Plants

Disaster-Ready Stormwater Management

International BMP Database Committee

International BMP Database Teaching Tools Task Committee

Journal Of Sustainable Water In The Built Environment

LID 2020

LID Technology For Combined Sewer Task Committee

Low Impact Development and Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Low Impact Development (LID) Bioretention Technology Task Committee

Low Impact Development (LID) Computational Methods Task

MOP 77 Update Task Committee

Municipal Water Infrastructure Council

MWIC Residuals Management Technical Committee

O&M Of Stormwater Control Measures

Permeable Pavements Task Committee

Practitioner's Manual For Residuals Management

Rainwater Harvesting Task Committee

Stormwater Media Filtration

Stormwater Modeling Committee

Sustainable Stormwater Infrastructure Committee

Urban Drainage Definitions Task Committee

Urban Drainage Standards Committee

Urban Water Resources Research Council

Urban Water Resources Research Council Awards Committee

Urban Watershed Management Committee

Water Pollution Engineering

Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Council

Watershed Approach To Manage Stormwater Committee