Congratulations to all the winners of the EMI student competitions, announced at the Awards Banquet on June 8, held during the EMI 2023 Conference at GA Tech, Atlanta, Georgia from June 6-9, 2023!

1st Place: Saikat Dan, Johns Hopkins University
Poster Title: Adaptive wavelet-enhanced coupled cohesive zone phase field finite element model for crack evolution in piezoelectric composites

2nd Place: Sina Abrari Vajari, Stanford University
Poster Title: Study of crack driving forces in a phase field approach for mixed mode fracture of concrete

3rd Place: Sindhusuta, University of Illinois at Chicago
Paper Title: "Numerical study on phase transformation induced material failure.


1st Place: Kiran Daniel Bacsa, Singapore-ETH Centre
Paper Title: Structural Dynamics Learning using a Supervised Variational Auto-Encoder

2nd Place: Yiwen Dong, Stanford University
Paper Title: Understanding Gait Biomechanics through Structural Dynamics: Foot-Floor Contact Modeling using Footstep-induced Floor Vibrations

3rd Place: Ilias Mavromatis, Columbia University
Paper Title: Efficient Wiener path integral most probable path determination based on extrapolation
Elasticity Committee

1st Place: Seo Young Ahn, University of Utah
Paper Title: Mechanical investigation of nature-inspired nano-architected porous materials

Finalist Place: Wei Ding, Purdue University
Paper Title: Eshelby Tensor in Integral Nonlocal Elasticity: Theoretical Formulation and Numerical Validation

Finalist Place: Chao Liu, Columbia University
Paper Title: Tailorable thermoelectricity of cubic lattice-based cellular and granular materials by the configuration stress

1st Place:  Nabiq Rahimi, Stony Brook University 
Paper Title: "High Fidelity Modeling of Fracture Under Extreme Hydrodynamic Events: A Coupled SPH-Phase-Field FSI Approach"

2nd Place: Tianqi Ma, Louisana State University
Paper Title: "Large eddy simulation of wind turbulences over non-breaking and breaking waves"

Winner: Pouriya Pirmoradi, (Computational Category) Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of the Built Environment
Paper Title: "Multi-Scale Modeling of Fiber-Reinforced-Concrete Structures using Granular Micromechanics Approach"

Winner: Shumaiya Ferdoush (Experimental Category), Purdue University, School of Mechanical Engineering
Paper Title: "Fast Time-Resolved Micro-CT Imaging of´╗┐ Pharmaceutical Tablets: Insights into Water Uptake and Disintegration

Winner: Muhammad Shahin (Theoretical Category), Purdue University, School of Mechanical Engineering
Paper Title: "A Semi-Mechanistic Contact Law for Large Deformation Unconfined and Confined Compression of Plastic Spherical Particles with Power-Law Hardening"

1st Place: Damian Xia, Vanderbilt University
Paper Title: Combining eigendeformation-based homogenization method (EHM) and proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) for short crack modeling in polycrystalline materials

Runner Up: Prajwal Kammardi Arunachala, Stanford University
Paper Title: Capturing anisotropy in network response using multiscale phase field formulation in rubber-like materials

Runner Up: Susan Alexis Brown, Northwestern University
Paper Title: Constitutive Model and Implementation for Mechanosorptive Creep in Wood Resulting from Microprestress

1st Place: Saransh Dikshit, Iowa State University
Paper Title: Characterizing Resilience of Transmission Tower Systems Considering Cascade Failures

2nd Place: Saanchi Singh Kaushal, Pennsylvania State University
Paper Title: High-Fidelity Geometric Modelling and Analysis to Examine Tornadic Loads on Historic

3rd Place: Michelle Reckner, Georgia Tech
Paper Title: Spatial and computational analysis to prioritize green and grey flood infrastructure under
uncertainty to increase resilience

Winner: Agnimitra Dasgupta, University of Southern California
Paper Title: "REIN: Rare event simulation via importance sampling with normalizing flows"

Winner: WoongHee Jung, University Notre Dame
Paper Title: Multi-fidelity Monte Carlo for real-time probabilistic storm surge predictions


1st Place: Yidong Zhao, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
Paper Title: A New Assumed Deformation Gradient Approach to Circumvent Volumetric Locking in Explicit Material Point Methods

Runner Up: Mario de Lucio Alonso, Purdue University
Paper Title: Porohyperelastic modeling of high-dose subcutaneous injection of monoclonal antibodies using data-driven tissue geometries

Runner Up: Divyanshu Lal, Northwestern University
Paper Title: Modeling the Hydromechanical Coupling Effect of Excess Pore Pressure on Compaction Bands


Winner: Eduardo Montalto, UC Berkeley
Paper Title: Buckling of short beams considering warping with application to fiber-reinforced elastomeric isolators

Runner Up: Victoria Ding, Johns Hopkins University
Paper Title: Stability of thin cylindrical shells under combined bending and torsion


1st Place: Herta Montoya, Purdue University
Paper Title: Thermomechanical Real-Time Hybrid Simulation: Identification, Control, and Experimental Implementation

2nd Place: Subin Varghese, University of Houston
Paper Title: Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation of Structural Damage

3rd Place: Wen Tang, Purdue University
Paper Title: Active Perception Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Robotic Inspection