Congratulations to all the winners of the EMI student competitions. Winners were recognized at the Student Awards Ceremony held on May 30th during the EMI/PMC 2024 Conference at Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL , May 28-May 31, 2024.

EMI Computational Mechanics Student Poster Competition

Yuxiang Gao
Vanderbilt University
"CNN-based Surrogate for the Phase Field Fracture Model and Its Application in Inverse Design of Composite Materials"

Mohamed Habeebulla Khazi
University of Texas at Austin
"Topological Optimization of Metamaterials for Wave Control"

3rd Place
Elaheh Mehdizadeh
University of Pittsburg
"A Shape-based Computational Approach for In Vivo Cardiac Tissue Property Estimation from Clinical Imaging Data"

3rd Place
Zhi Zhao
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
"Architected Magnetic Soft Materials via Topology Optimization"

EMI Dynamics Student Competition

Jia-Xin Zhu
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
"Equivalent formulation and EM technique for Bayesian two-stage structural system identification with model error"

Anna Arcaro
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
"Detection and localization of internal damage in sealed spent nuclear fuel canisters using a multi-task convolutional neural network (CNN)"

EMI Elasticity Student Paper Competition

Guowei Wayne Tu
University of Michigan
"Origami of multi-layered spaced sheets"

Jinchen Xie
Stanford University
"Nanoscale Cylindrical Defects in Flexoelectric Solids"

EMI Granular Materials Student Video Competition

Aizhan Zhakupova
University of Houston
"Understanding the Controls of the Transient Friction of Granular Materials"

Shubjot Singh
Northwestern University
"Effect of Particle Shape on the Elastic Anisotropy of Granular Materials Theoretical"

EMI Modeling Inelasticity & Multiscale Behavior (MIMB) Student Competition

Guangyuan Yang
National University of Singapore
"A Localizing Gradient Damage Model for the Dynamic Fracture of Quasi-brittle Materials and its simple implementation in ABAQUS"

1st Runner-Up
Yanrong Xiao
Johns Hopkins University
"Uncertainty Quantified Parametrically Upscaled Continuum Damage Mechanics (UQ-PUCDM) model: Multiscale Analysis of Unidirectional Composites with Physics Infused Machine Learning Strategy via Uncertainty Quantification"

Second Runner-Up 
Shqipron Shala
Columbia University
"A three-dimensional anisotropic localizing gradient damage model for transversely isotropic materials: With emphasis on timber"

Second Runner-Up 
Rogelio Muneton-Lopez
University of Missouri
"A Phase-Field Formulation for Fracture Modeling of Rate- and Temperature-Dependent Materials"

EMI Objective Resilience Student Paper/Presentation Competition

Raul Rincon
Rice University
"Coupling Effects of Fragility Fidelity and Network Resolution in Infrastructure Resilience"

WoongHee Jung
University of Notre Dame
"Selection of Storm Ensembles Consistent with Storm Surge Hazard Maps Across Large Geographic Regions"

EMI Poromechanics Student Paper Competition

Mohammadali Behboodi
University of Colorado Boulder
"An analytical model for hygroscopic bilayers based on surface poromechanics theory"

Micaela Mercuri
Northwestern University
"Normal stress variation and pore pressure rate effect on a rate and state frictional fault"

Alexandre Sac-Morane
Universite catholique de Louvain
"The competition between dissolution, precipitation and diffusion during pressure-solution creep in porous materials: a PFDEM investigation"

EMI Probabilistic Methods Committee Student Paper Competition

1st place
Leila Naderi
Colorado State University
"Multi-fidelity Subset Simulation for Rare Event Simulation"

1st place 
Elsayed Eshra
Pennsylvania State University
"Inverse Importance Sampling-based Framework for Reliability Estimation in Complex, High-dimensional Spaces"

EMI Structural Health Monitoring and Control Student Paper Competition

Mona Shaheen
University of Kansas
"Wind-induced Vibration Monitoring and Mitigation of High-Mast Illumination Poles"

Manuel Salmeron
Purdue University
"Real-Time Hybrid Simulation for Infrastructure Degradation Assessment: Conceptual Framework and Illustrative Application"

Bozhou Zhuang
University of Southern California
"Impurity Gas Monitoring of Spent Nuclear Fuel Canisters Using a Variational Auto-encoder (VAE)"

EMI Structural Stability Student Paper Competition

1st place
Emile Naous
University of Texas at Austin
"Progressive wrinkling and collapse of lined pipe due to repeated winding/unwinding on reel"

2nd place
Mohammad Bani Hani
Kansas State University
"Experimental lateral torsional buckling of simply supported anisotropic laminated web beams subjected to a single mid-span loading"