Inaugural Meet-and-Greet Event with Sponsors for Student Paper Competition in Probabilistic Methods

For the ASCE EMI conference held at the Georgia Institute of Technology this year, the EMI Probabilistic Methods Committee was able to secure sponsorships from four companies to support the Student Paper Competition in Probabilistic Methods. As part of this sponsorship, the committee held an inaugural meet-and-greet event for both the student paper competition participants and industry sponsors. This event was held earlier this month.

Students were invited to give lightning talks on themselves and their work, and company representatives presented on their organizations. The event featured open discussion on academia and industry, with a wide-ranging discussion on the role of uncertainty quantification in design practices, structural reliability, and perceptions of risk in industry and across the general practice.<

Iris Tien, Williams Family Associate Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, organizer of the event, current Vice Chair of the Probabilistic Methods Committee, and incoming Chair, said of the event, “It was a great opportunity for students to present on their work, for industry sponsors to meet some of our most promising students in structural engineering, and for a broader discussion of the role of uncertainty quantification and probabilistic methods in engineering mechanics and civil engineering. It is certainly something we look forward to building on for the future."