The creation of transition plans for the SEI reorganization is underway, and we want member feedback! 

Reorganization activities currently underway include: 

  • Engage the current Division Executive Committees in developing detailed transition plans for integrating the 5 current SEI divisions into 2 communities. As shared in the reorganization announcement, the new Technical Community will combine the Codes and Standards Activities Division and the Technical Activities Division. The new Engagement/Development Community will combine the Business and Professional Activities Division, Global Activities Division, and the Local Activities Division. This transition is expected to start on October 1, 2023. 
  • Develop detailed reorganization implementation plans to meet the 5 reorganization goals. 
  • Form 5 reorganization Task Committees to lead the reorganization efforts. 
  • Establish a communication center to answer questions, solicit feedback, and keep you updated on what's happening. 

The SEI Board of Governors invites you to take a one-minute survey to share your questions about the reorganization and have your voice heard. Survey responses will be shared with the reorganization committees, and trends in questions will be addressed in future SEI communications. 

Take the survey