On Wednesday, March 29, 2023, SEI President Don Scott, SEI Board Members, and Institute leaders came together, with SEI Member Sklyar Calhoun acting as emcee to talk with members about the SEI Reorganization. 

After two years of study, the SEI Board of Governors voted to move forward with the reorganization of SEI and have begun engaging Institute leaders and division executive committees in developing a transition plan with the goal of implementation starting October 2023. This virtual Interchanger was a chance for members to learn more about the reorganization and to ask questions. 

Information shared during the Interchange includes: 

  • Why is SEI Reorganizing? 
  • What are the goals of the Reorganization? 
  • What is the proposed reorganization structure? 
  • Where are we in the reorganization process? 

Examples of questions asked during the Interchange include: 

  • How will the reorganization create leadership pathways for rising stars? 
  • How will the reorganization impact SEI's committees and standards such as ASCE 7? 
  • Will the reorganization require a change in the membership dues? 
  • What does this change mean for Structures Congress and the ETS Conference? 
  • What is the leadership structure of the communities and Excoms? 
  • Will the reorganization result in higher collaboration and efficiency for the SEI committees? 

Watch the Interchange to hear the discussion.