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More than 100 SEI committees produce SEI programs, publications, conferences, and continuing education.

SEI Board of Governors

We are volunteers from every aspect of the structural engineering profession: we are building and bridge designers, we design non-building structures, we are researchers and academics, we are business owners and product developers. Our job on the SEI Board of Governors is to oversee and strategically guide the activities of our members and the profession as we advance careers and professional practice, drive the practical application of cutting-edge research and strengthen partnerships between practitioners and academics. 

SEI Committees

We work collaboratively to learn more, share what we know, and advance the structural engineering industry technically and professionally. SEI members are practitioners, academics, young professionals, students, and retirees who come together for committee work, program development, and educational outreach.  

SEI Committees

Learn more & apply to join a committee in your interest area:

SEI Committee Meeting Report

All SEI Committees are to submit a brief summary of their meetings within two weeks of the meeting using SEI Committee Meeting Report form. This summary should include who attended the meeting, what was discussed at the meeting, any committee needs, and the date of the next meeting. These reports will then be placed on the consent agenda for review at the next Executive Committee meeting and SEI Board of Governors meeting. Purpose: To facilitate the understanding of the accomplishments of the many SEI Committees the Board of Governors and Executive Committees need to receive reports of committee activities.

Submit a committee report