Since the 2023 SEI Reorganization and Bylaws change – see - the SEI Board of Governors is in transition over the next few years to a smaller, more strategic Board. SEI Board members each serve a four-year term, except for officers and the ASCE appointed member. Per the SEI Bylaws, this year SEI is running an election for one At-large member and SEI President-Elect, terms effective October 1. The SEI Board of Governors encourages all SEI members to consider service at the highest level of the Institute, and through SEI Committee and Chapter efforts.  

Duty and Commitment

The Board has fiduciary, legal and strategic responsibilities, focuses on continuous strategic planning, determines desired outcomes, develops and approves policy imperatives to guide operations, and ensures that SEI uses these policies to work toward meeting its objectives. Board members represent SEI best interests, and help monitor and steer toward its goals. A Board member may also serve on Board committees, task committees, and/or in other roles as assigned. The Board typically meets 3-5 times per year (in-person and virtual), with additional activity as needed. Approved travel support is available for in-person meetings per ASCE Rules. Anticipate preparation/activity to average 8-12 hours/month.

Board members are accountable to the Board and responsible to plan, organize, direct, manage, and carry out events to engage and serve SEI members. Board members should have professional credibility including leadership skills, management experience and significant career accomplishments; should be a confident communicator and presenter, visionary planner and motivator; have the ability to work in teams, be a negotiator, conflict manager and consensus builder.  They should also have skills in communicating with members and the public, in government relations and advocacy, and in conducting events which will engage and serve members. 

At-Large Candidate

An At-large candidate must be an SEI member in good standing (dues current) for a period of at least one year at the time of the election (July 1). 

Nomination for Candidates:
Submit to the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee c/o [email protected] no later than April 15. If questions, contact SEI Staff Katie Stueckle [email protected]:

  • letter of intent to serve, including vision statement for SEI during term in office, and indicating eligibility requirements are met – NTE 1 page
  • brief professional bio including involvement with SEI/ASCE – NTE 200 words
  • current hi-res color professional headshot
  • current resume or CV including involvement with SEI/ASCE or other organizations – NTE 5 pages

The letter of intent shall confirm the candidate has reviewed the qualifications for the position, understands the financial and personal commitment required, and intends to comply with the responsibilities required for service. For more info see SEI Bylaws at About the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI). The Institute expects all Candidates for office to review the Institute governing documents, consult with the incumbent office holder, and become familiar with the activities of the Institute prior to declaring their intent to pursue office.

SEI President-Elect

The SEI President-elect serves a one year term, followed by their year as President. The President-elect acts in place of the President when the President is not available. The President-elect also serves as the vice-chair and attends all meetings of the Board and perform such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the President.

SEI Members eligible for President-Elect:
Candidates for President-elect shall have served a minimum of four years as an SEI Governor (Board member), and candidates may be current members of the Board who are serving in the fourth year as a Governor. Candidates shall be engineers legally licensed by at least one (1) state or territory of the United States or in a foreign country with licensing procedures similar to those in the United States, and be a structural engineer. The nomination process for President-Elect candidates is the same as described above.

Nomination and Election

The SEI Nominations and Elections Committee, led by the SEI Past-President each year, makes the final selection for who is on the ballot, and we anticipate at least two candidates for each position. The election will be held in July.

For all voting members of the Institute in good standing as of April 1 (SEI members with dues fully paid, above the grade of student), with a valid e-mail address on file, the current year’s election ballot and instructions for voting shall be distributed no later than July 1.

Candidate/Nominee Endorsements by SEI Entities and Individual Members are not permitted. Neither Candidates nor Nominees for elected office nor their supporters shall produce or distribute signs, giveaway materials (i.e., key chains, pens, buttons, pins), press kits, or similar items.