After 2 years of study, the Structural Engineering Institute Board of Governors voted to move forward with the reorganization of SEI at their October 14, 2022 meeting. Reorganization goals include: 

  • Increase collaboration and knowledge-sharing throughout the Institute by moving from the current give Division structure to a two Community structure. The new Technical Community will include the Codes and Standards Activities Division and Technical Activities Divison. The new Engagement/Development Community will consist of the Business and Professional Activities Division, Global Activities Division, and Local Activities Division. 
  • Reorganize the SEI BOG from a representative structure to a strategic board structure for long-term operation efficiency.
  • Become a more nimble, responsive organization to meet industry and member needs as the pace of change accelerates. 
  • Focus the efforts and resources of SEI to establish and meet Institute priorities for the advancement of the profession. 
  • Increase leadership opportunities and pathways to leadership for rising stars. 

SEI has begun engaging Institute Leaders and current Division Executive Committees in developing a detailed transition plan with the goal of implementation starting October 1, 2023. SEI will also be soliciting comments and answering questions about the reorganization efforts in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information.