Are you looking to get involved in an SEI committee?

Joining a committee helps advance your career as well as the profession. It's a great way to get involved with SEI on a larger scale. We currently have three committees with calls open to join. If you're a young professional looking for a way to stay engaged here's your chance!

Digital Design Committee

This committee is a joint SEI-CASE effort that includes practitioners from engineering firms of all sizes. Their mission is to explore and share benefits and risks of digital design tools to improve the business and practice of engineering. They present at conferences, publish articles, and are working on a collection of What You Need to Know white papers on topics that directly impact practicing engineers: BIM Execution Plans, Reality Capture, and project QAQC. 

SE Licensure Committee

This committee furthers the mission of SEI relating to licensing, regulatory issues, and professional development activities for structural engineers. Their desired outcome is to enact legislation for SE licensure requirements in all jurisdictions by creating a play for working proactively with local engineers, stakeholders, and engineering organizations, and developing resources such as statistical data, white papers, case studies, etc. to support the efforts of local engineers. The committee represents SEI in the Structural Engineering Licensure Coalition as part of the effort to further this vision. 

Mentoring Committee

This committee is working to increase participation in ASCE Mentor Match and raise awareness of specific aspects of mentoring. Mentors provide guidance, advice, feedback, and support to the mentee. They can serve as role models, teachers, counselors, advisors, sponsors, advocates, and allies - all depending on the specific goals and objectives agreed upon by mentor and mentee. They welcome anyone looking to give back, at any stage in your professional development!

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